Fender Modern Telecaster Plus Review – Read This Before Buying

A classic guitar with a unique twist-- if you are someone who has a taste for peculiar and unique items, as a guitar player, the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus Electric Guitar is for you.



Fender Guitars at a Glance

A rock star on its own when it comes to guitar, dating as far back to 1946, Fender has been a staple name in the world of music and has touched almost all genres there is: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and even blues among other else.

From beginners and to professionals and even to collectors can attest to the beauty and quality that fender guitars offer to their users. Even the world’s greatest artists and performers have used Fender instruments as well as accessories in their endeavors as performers from recording to live performances making Fender, not only a name but a legend in the music industry.

The Modern Player Series

In this series, Fender lives on that iconic “my-first-Fender tradition”, with solid modern features and some unique new addition to its ever exalted instruments in the most attainable value in the market.

Sneak Peek on The Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus

A guitar with a unique pine body making it super lightweight but at the same time gives you a comfortable feel, which also produces that light and airy tone. Keeping it true to the traditional telecaster look, Fender gave this model the classic Tele-style neck pickup, a Stratocaster-style middle pickup, and a hum bucker at the bridge.

Not only that, in order to take advantage and maximize the tone of this model, Fender included singular set of pickups with a Strat-style hardtail bridge to lock down your tone for optimum playing experience.



The Modern Player Telecaster Plus is the golden egg among the Telecasters. A triple-pickup model, set apart by a pine body and mini-toggle coil-split switch for the Modern Player humbucking bridge pickup.

Some features includes the C-shaped maple neck, with the same maple fret board with a 9.5” radius and a whopping 22 jumbo frets, a Modern Player single-coil Telecaster neck pickup and a Modern Player Stratocaster middle pickup, a five-way pickup switching, a three-ply pick guard, a knurled chrome-dome control knobs, an old-school style Stratocaster string-through-body six-saddle hard-tail bridge, and finally, an old-school style tuners and nickel with chrome hardware.

Let’s dive into this bad boy’s in-depth features, shall we?

Pick Up Versatility

With a huge range of tones under its sleeve, you can never go wrong with this guitar. Its versatility makes it one of the most wanted and needed guitars out there in the market.

Featuring an HSS pickup configuration with its two different single-coil pickups, that lets you get that liquid Tele lead tones you are looking for and that classic Strat midrange kick. Not stopping just there yet, this model’s humbucking bridge pickup also features a mini toggle coil split switch, giving you more range of tone in your arsenal.

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Leggo Fit Wood Combination

If you are looking for a modern guitar with a classic look, this model is as classic as it can get. This particular model features Fender’s original Tele wood combination, fusing together that smooth and sweet sound of pine body with the kick and bite of a maple neck and fingerboard. The wise choice of material does not only make this guitar very comfortable to play, it also provides that classic Tele tone as well as that Tele look.


Built for Rock n’ roll Bridge

Tying it all together, Fender took the liberty of giving this model a modern Stratocaster bridge. This particular bridge features a 6-saddle hard tail configuration that lets you tune your guitar perfectly and accurately.

And Fender, known to always go the extra mile for music, did not stop there. They made sure that the Modern Player Telecaster Plus will give you the extra-tight vibes of a string-through-body tailpiece that will give you that extra sustain for better sounding music.

Fender Modern Telecaster Plus



  • Perfectly crafted body
  • Has an entirely good feel
  • Very versatile and fun to play with
  • Has a good and wide variety of tone
  • Very good set of electronics
  • Has a lot of modern and classic features
  • Has a vintage and classy look
  • The C-Shaped Neck is short making it easier for many beginners to manage
  • Quality build using high-grade pinewood body, maple for both fingerboard and neck and sound chrome elements
  • Very affordable for the quality it brings
  • Ideal guitar for Country, Pop, Blues and other genres that are close to acoustic



  • Poor bridge pickup sound
  • Expensive choice for those who are not seriously into music and have a tight budget
  • Inexperienced or first-time guitarist might find the 5-way pickup and string-through body a bit hard to navigate
  • The price covers only the guitar; you need to purchase the amplifier, cable, picks, case etc separately


To Wrap Things Up

From the classic form, to the modern addition, topped with great quality materials to give that epic sounding guitar– the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus Electric Guitar offers a wide range of tone perfect for a lot of genre while still looking aesthetically pleasing. With its classical looks coupled with modern technology, Fender has yet outdone itself when it comes to innovation for the music industry.

Great for guitar starters who really plan on pursuing their music career with its quality built body and sound while still being a relatively cheaper choice than most guitar of its value.


Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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