Epiphone Les Paul-100 Review – A Perfect Starter’s Guitar?

A deadly combination of iconic aesthetic and affordable price, Epiphone does it again with the Les Paul-100 (LP 100) electric guitar. Whether playing the blues or some acoustic rock, Les Paul-100 offers a versatility that could keep up with the progression of your skills as a guitar player. If you are the kind who appreciates style but values playability, the Les Paul-100 is the guitar for you.


epiphone les paul-100 review

The Epiphone Les Paul-100 in a Nutshell

Who would have thought that the creation of a solid body guitar would change the rock and roll scene forever?

The Epiphone Les Paul-100 was dubbed as the Gibson Les Paul’s “economical cousin” as it is produced under the Epiphone banner, the Les Paul 100 allows any guitarist to enjoy the iconic Les Paul guitar but without having to make a dent in the pocket. A gorgeous guitar that comes in a variety of finishes, this 6-string is definitely an instrument that you need to have in your arsenal.

So if you want to know what the Gibson Les Paul experience is like but do not have the budget for it, the Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the guitar for you. And if a thousand-dollar guitar experience for a much lower price does not convince you to make a purchase, perhaps a detailed review of this electric baby would help make up your mind.


Iconic Aesthetic

Carrying the Les Paul name, this electric boasts the same classic aesthetic of its Gibson counterpart. Epiphone adhered to the vintage Les Paul look by using Mahogany for the guitar’s body and maple for the top. The neck, also made of mahogany, contains the rosewood fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and white dot inlays.

Unlike the Gibson, the neck of the LP 100 is bolt on attached. Though professional guitarists prefer the set-neck, the bolt on is rather handy when it comes to guitar maintenance. Another noted distinction is that the LP-100 is slimmer than the Gibson which makes it lighter.

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Impressive Hardware

While its striking good looks accounts for an impressive first impression, there is still more to marvel about. Epiphone had equipped the LP 100 with a LockTone tune-o-matic that comes with a stop piece. Capping off the guitar is a classic Epiphone headstock that contains a set of die-cast tuning machines.

Keeping with the Les Paul design, the selector is also closer to the neck which allows for immediate access. This setup allows the guitarist to perform the cool guitar trick wherein the net pick up is set at zero and allowing to switch between the pickups in the middle of a sustaining note or chord.

The hardware is basically made of chrome which is another appealing aesthetic attribute of this guitar. If it was only a matter of looks, the LP 100 would definitely win hands down.



Epiphone also outfitted the axe with two Humbuckers, one at the neck and the other at the bridge. It also has a three way switch that indicates Treble and rhythm. The controls also include one for volume and another one for tone thus totaling the a number of four controls in this electric.

Versatile Sound

Perhaps an amazing thing about the LP 100 is its rather surprising versatility when it comes to accommodating the kind of style you are playing–whether it is punk rock, acoustic rock, classic rock or even the blues the guitar simply matches it. It has both the power and output to accommodate a variety of music but still produces a clean and refined sound. An attribute that can only be attributed to the humbuckers of this baby.

The pickups produce two distinct sounds. The neck pickup produces a warm sound while the bridge pickup produces a brighter sound. The classic solid and heavy tone can be attributable to its solid wood make up.

Epiphone Les Paul-100



  • Durable
  • Made of solid woods
  • Stunning good looks
  • Excellent tones and sound quality
  • Basically the Les Paul but on a budget
  • Versatile sound
  • Lighter due its slimmer body
  • Perfect beginner guitar
  • Allows room for customization



  • Finish and pickup quality do not really compare to the Gibson
  • The bolt on neck

Final Opinion

For its price, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 has been chockful of surprises and turned to be a very solid instrument. Perhaps this can be attributable to the fact that it practically mirrors the Gibson Les Paul in more ways than one. Gibson is not the only one that gives its stamp of approval for the LP 100, the paying public also acquiesce to such recognition.

Its versatility makes it the best guitar to carry when you simply want to jam with friends, do some beginner practices, play in a band or even wow the crowd in small venues. And what’s amazing still is that you are not just merely playing a guitar but you are playing a guitar in style—what with the beautiful craftmanship of the LP 100.

Ultimately, is this guitar for you?

Epiphone upholds it tradition of creating a quality guitar at consumer-friendly prices. So if you want that Gibson Les Paul experience but do not have a thousand bucks, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 is the guitar for you.


Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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