7 Best Looper Pedals

If you're looking for a versatile looper pedal that offers great features without breaking the bank, consider having the Boss RC-3. A very reliable tool, it has a battery that’ll allow you to record up to 3 hours on 99 different onboard memories.


best looper pedals review

Choosing a good looper pedal from the stream of the same instruments in the market is very hard.

How much more if you want to look for the best and the right one for you?

Looper pedal, from the name itself, allows you to make loops.

So, it’s a device, a very helpful one, that allows you to record segments and mix them from simple to complex rhythms and harmonies.

It’s an instrument played with the foot, hence, you can play your guitar with your hands.

What to Look For When Buying a Looper Pedal

There are so many things you need to think about when buying a looper pedal. While the quality and value may be among those considerations, you also need to check the following:

Size:This is very important. Do you want a bigger device or you want a smaller one? Knowing which one fits your style is very important to perform comfortably whether live or in a studio.

Flexibility: This is the next feature that needs to be satisfied. What kind of mixes do you need to produce? Do you create multiple loops?

Use: Where and when will you use the instrument? Do you use it for live performances?

If so, then, perhaps a more handy looper pedal is great for you.

Make sure that you can change settings with your hands so easily without the need to bend down.

Simplicity: This may not be a big deal, but, it’s important to know your personal preferences and the style of your music as well.

looper pedal board reviews

Do you need all the bells and whistles and some other advanced features? Or, can you be satisfied without these things?

If you know your preferences, especially the music you want to perform, then, picking the right looper pedal will just be very easy for you. After all, it’s you who’ll use the device.

So, might as well, think and make a clear decision, consider the above-mentioned features, before buying this instrument.

Anyhow, let’s get into the list shall we?

7 Best Looper Pedals



Having a great pedal will surely bring your music to the next level. BOSS RC-3 will ensure that your music will reach the level of professionalism and perfection.

Whether you are practicing or performing live, this instrument can set you apart from the rest, even from famous artists.

As a very reliable tool, it has a battery that’ll allow you to record up to 3 hours on 99 different onboard memories.

You can export your output to a PC. Finally, you can add different types of real drum effects to your mix and get the mix that no one else has ever created.

Best For: Musicians who want to play along with the tracks and not for players with an inclination to drum beats.



  • Compact and very reliable looper
  • It can record up to 3 hours of looping
  • Has drum beats



  • Limited built-in effects, only 10 available drum patterns
  • Recording quality is not that good, sound differs at playback
  • Creates noise




Create, mix and play loops in real-time! VOX VLL1 offers so many effects, including undo, redo and infinite looping options.

These and more built-in effects will make your music more beautiful as you record.

The microphone input allows vocals or instruments to maximize the power of this pedal.

You’ll get an easy-to-use instrument, versatile effects, solid footswitches, among others to enhance your sound. Therefore, you can leverage the looper pedal to give your audiences the kind of music they really want.

In addition, you can also synchronize loops to a certain tempo. It’s compact and lightweight.

So, this will be the thing you just need for your next live performance.

Best For: Beginners and players who want to travel light and wants a looper with everything they need.



  • Lightweight and very versatile
  • Very easy to use
  • Packed with 12 versatile effects



  • Don’t have storage capacity for your loops
  • No transfer capability, unlike BOSS RC-3




You got not just one, but two independently controlled stereo loops. This means you can maximize the use of these loops, either switch the loops on or off to make your music extra cool.

It comes with built-in effects and a rhythm guide that make it more versatile.

This makes the possibilities of your music practically endless. You can record up to 3 hours and add more effects as you go.

After you’ve done with your complex music mix, you can transfer it to your laptop via USB 2.0. So, you’re keeping a copy of the greatest musical piece of your career.

Best For: Musicians who want to make complex mixes while performing live, practicing or studio recording.



  • Easy to use once you learned the controls
  • Powerful tool with different amazing effects
  • Syncing made very easy



  • Controls are quite hard to learn and maneuver
  • Default switching is not the best one.


Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT


This is one of the looper pedals so rich with exciting features. It’s simple, so easy to use, but very sophisticated.

It’s a perfect looper that lets you do anything you want, whether simple or complex mixes.

Although it’s an entry-level looper, it might come in handy to beginners and professionals with various music styles. It got only a knob and a switch.

The knob is for the level of effects that should be added to your music. The switch, on the other hand, has more than just an off and on functionality.

You can tap it once to start the recording, tap it twice to end the recording and press it down for a few seconds will erase the previous recordings.

Best For: Beginners and simple-minded musicians who are starting off their career and want to do simple music mixes with loopers.



  • Compact design, very easy to use
  • Easy to set-up for home and studio recordings
  • Responsive and functional



  • Limited built-in effects
  • Double tapping the switch doesn’t always halt the recordings
  • Might have some noise


TC Electronics Ditto Looper


Designed with minimalist concept

8 got one knob. Yes, only one knob.

But, that one knob is so powerful as it can record, stop, overdub, erase, undo/redo your mixes as you play along.

Each function is tapped with different foot commands that are so easy to do.

So, whether you are performing live or just practicing your craft at home, building loops and adding effects in your music is never been this easy.

Best For: Typically, this is for all minimalists and practical tone chasers.



  • Very simple, yet very functional
  • Great for practicing solos and working on with your song
  • Minimalist, affordable and durable



  • The power supply might be a little disappointing
  • It might take a while to get the hang of it
  • Might have trouble with distorted tones, but great with clean tones.


NUX Loop Core


Maybe the TC Electronics Ditto Looper is too simple for you, and you need more advanced looper.

NUX Loop Core is the one you’ve been looking for. It’s a very durable stereo device, which means, it has two inputs and outputs.

It has up to 6 hours of recording time, which is more than enough even for live performances.

Got a one-switch pedal, but there are still more button controls, particularly, the save and delete functions.

You also got a few more buttons to adjust the level of rhythm loop, tempo and more.

Whether you are jamming or in studio rehearsals, even live performance, this looper is really a big help.

You can record and create music, even overdub as many layers as you want. So, better be ready for your next appearance with this looper.

Best For: Serious players who want to achieve advanced music looping with an affordable looper.



  • Amazing built-in drum loops
  • Good construction, the footswitch is whisper-quiet
  • Got very useful settings like phaser, vibrato, etc.



  • No way to set the BPM with all those controls and buttons
  • Some functionalities may require your hand to operate


Digitech Jam Man Stereo Looper Delay Pedal


There are real players that crave for more. Though the NUX Loop Core has more controls than a single-switch looper, Digitech Jam Man has a lot more.

You may be overwhelmed by the controls thinking it’s complicated. But, ironically, it’s much easier to operate it.

It features stereo looping, reverse playback and you can add vocals through microphone input.

While other instruments allow you to record up to 6 minutes, this one helps you record 35 minutes of loops in 99 internal memories.

Not only that, you’ll have 16 minutes more recordings using an SD card. This looper is quite interesting and very useful to players.

Best For: Advanced players who also want advanced functionalities of a looper.



  • More controls, but easier to operate than single-switch loopers
  • Great starts and stops for loops, very real-time
  • Very user-friendly, the microphone input is versatile



  • Undoing loops may sometimes be unreliable
  • Can’t switch to another loop during a song


Wrapping Things Up

Having the best looper pedal always means you have the best music mix of your own style, provided that you can set it up well.

There’s no point of having the most expensive looper, yet, you don’t even know how to maximize it in the first place.

So, it’s really a perfect combo if you have the best looper, plus, you have the knowledge on how to set up and make the most out of it.

Be it cheap or an expensive one, if you have the wit to manipulate it, this small thing can definitely work magic with your music.


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